BBVA would like to invite you to be part of our newest project. Our Junior program will be dedicated to children between 2 and 17 years old. However we will be offering “Learn Play with Me” sessions for children as young as 18months in which the carer will need full participation workout.

Come to support the next generation of athletes!

We are exploring with the kids at young age their bilateral coordination and neuromotricity which is closely related to the vestibular system.  When our body registers movement and gravity it allows us to respond with appropriate movement, balance, and posture.

Beach Volleyball is a team sport for outdoor social activity and alike competitions, and attracts all ages and abilities.

We have been continually encouraging especially our members and their own children as well as our community and neighbourhood to participate in this new project.

We are passionate about giving your child a fun and educational sport experience with us at Brighton Beach!

Hope to see you on the sand!

SPRING Term – from 16th October 2019 to 20th December 2019 (10 weeks)

SUMMER Term – from 29th Jan 2020 to 3rd April 2020 (10 weeks)

AUTUM Term – from 29th April 2020 to 3rd July 2020 (10 weeks) Due to COVID-19 crisis this Term has changed to 29th May to 26 Jun 2020 (5 weeks)



Although the program is structured by age group, kids are encouraged to move training sessions to match their skill level.

Each training session lasts 30-90 minutes based on the age group.

Learn Play With Me

(18months – 30months + carer participation)

Mums, dads and carers alike join their toddler in an interactive beach volleyball activity workout session. The children will develop their early co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills, with introduction to beach culture environment and outdoor active lifestyle.

Under 5’s (2.5 – 5 years)

Planned to engage your child, with the intension of promoting skill learning in the most fun way possible.

With the use of props at beach environment for your child to continue to develop their physical, co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills, and specific introduction to beach volleyball skills.

Under 10’s (6 – 10 years)

Aimed at children in their primary school, where an introduction into beach volleyball skills can be learned.

With the use of props at beach environment for your child to continue to develop their physical, co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills, and specific introduction to beach volleyball concepts of game play.

Under 15’s and 15 Plus (11 – 15 years and 16 – 18 years)

Each session progresses to learn basic skills and modified game-play of beach volleyball at the end of sessions. The young players will meet fundamental concepts and skills, developed on sand court skills, game plays, communications and team beach volleyball work.

Note: Due to low number of participants at the moment this age group sessions have been integrated with beginners adult training sessions.

To join the training sessions, you will need to be a BBVA member (please go to “Join the Club”, if you are not yet a member).

Then complete the online registration below (once only) following the next steps:

  1. pick your training session;
  2. choose your payment option;
  3. fill in your contact details and;
  4. pay your training sessions via bank deposit:

BBVA Bank account details

Brighton Beach Volleyball Association

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB 062 009

Account number 1072 9518

Please write CoachName Junior Training and your full name as reference.

Contact Details

I give my permission to BBVA to use my / my child’s photographic or filmed images for the purposes of promoting, publicising and advertising BBVA’s work in promoting beach volleyball as a sport.
I understand that I am responsible for the risk of any injuries myself / my child may suffer as a result of my / my child participation in social or training sessions held by BBVA in Brighton-le-sands, and will not hold BBVA liable for personal or third party injuries.