We would love to share our passion and addiction for Beach Volleyball during the 4 days from 9 am to 9pm.
New members are encouraged to join on the day!

During this 4 days the players will have the choice of playing the 4 days straight OR the flexibility of picking only few days! It’s up to you really!!!
Your individual points will be collected for every game you play, every day and, it will be cumulative till the end of the BV Marathon!
The BV players can partner up with whoever is keen! This Marathon welcomes A and AB grade players as well!

The Marathon RULE is to mingle, the same two players cannot play together as a team more than one consecutive game and when you finish a game you will have to get a different partner every time. The same two players can play again at a later stage. It just can’t be two games in a row.

The aim is to fit as many games as possible and sum up as many points as you can until the Marathon finishes at 30th December 2016.

The winner of the Marathon will be the player who accumulates the most points over the 4 days of the Marathon.

Event Name:BBVA Marathon 2017 #4
Tournament Date:Wednesday, 27/12/2017 to Saturday, 30/12/2017
Entry Fees (per day):BBVA members: $5
Players with SVNSW affiliate memberships: $15
Non-members: $20
Entry Fee (all days):BBVA members: $15
Players with SVNSW affiliate memberships: $30
Non-members: $60
Online Registration Period:12:00am 20/12/2017 (Wed) -
9:00pm 30/12/2017 (Sat)
Online Registration:Register for this tournament
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Player Check-in:At the beach from 9am, first games from 9:00am.
Please note you can easily check-in any time to participate.

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