Our 2019-2020 season is here!

Welcome to the Brighton Beach Volleyball Association website!

2018-2019 Season has been a success and we have seen our club family almost double its size! Bayside Council has helped us immensely in installing new posts and we have also acquired brand new state-of-the-art equipment for our members. We have also started to structure BBVA’s coaching program, and now beginner, intermediate and junior players can practice and improve their skill in various times during the week, please check our training page.

It gives us great satisfaction to see the club up and growing again, thank you to all members who come and share their time and passion with us!

2019-2020 season is here! If you are a member and would like to continue to play from 1 April 2019, please renew your membership online by clicking on the “join us” icon below and then choose ‘renew your membership’ link.

If you would like to become a member, you are most welcome! Please come to Brighton-Le-sands beach on the weekends to have a chat and a go at beach volleyball to check your level. Then click on the “join us” icon below to register.

Questions? Please email us on bbva.org.au@gmail.com. You can also find us on Facebook BBVA – Brighton Beach Volleyball Association.

We hope to see you on the sand soon! 🙂

BBVA team